Reimagining Agriculture with AI

Sway AI is dedicated to providing future-proof solutions to meet your agricultural needs.

The industry is turning to AI technologies to help meet their precision farming needs, whether it is used for improving the overall harvest quality and accuracy, or to yield healthier crops, control pests, or monitor soil, Sway AI can provide a solution to meet your unique needs.

No-Code Precision Agricultural Applications

Farm Digitization

By analyzing operational data and highlighting process inefficiencies, Sway AI finds ways for agribusinesses to enhance farm management and increase yields without using any extra resources.

Yield Maximization and Forecasting

Improved yield prediction is now possible through the use of Sway AI’s no-code solution which uses a combination of predictive technology and AI. Sway’s ML software can utilize the data from prior harvest’s yields, and improve forecasting accuracy over time by making visual comparisons to prior growth cycles.

Growth Analysis

Allow Sway AI’s technology to help you accurately analyze data about plant growth stage and yield in order to apply water and fertilizer in a more targeted way.

Soil Health Analysis and Monitoring

Using aerial images, Sway AI’s no-code solution can detect soil defects and recognize nutrient deficiencies as well as classify the soil in an area in order to track erosion, identify fertile land, and monitor deforestation.

Crop Health Analysis and Monitoring

Using Sway AI’s ML no-code models you will be able to detect, diagnose, and monitor diseased plants and crops.

Drone and IoT Data Integration

Sway AI’s technology will analyze imagery captured from drones in order to help farmers analyze soil health and identify the best-suited places for sowing particular crops based on geographical characteristics of the field, chemical composition of the soil, or any other relevant parameter.