Let the Power of AI Optimize Your Retail Operations

Achieve a new level of business growth through the implementation of superior AI applications.

With AI on your side, enterprises are now positioned with the ultimate advantage. While the benefits are abundant, AI helps retailers achieve profitability, improve demand forecasting, and optimize product placement. As a result, retail sites are operating more productively and efficiently and customers are connecting with the right products faster. Sway AI’s Retail AI applications can tackle challenges while creating new opportunities for small and large enterprises alike.

No-Code Retail AI Solutions

Inventory Management

Sway AI’s Inventory Management application allows for real-time insights across inventory levels in order to optimize inventory management and improve customer satisfaction. This helps you work with your suppliers more effectively in order to maintain adequate inventory levels which significantly reduces the risks of material overstocking or shortages.

Market Demand Prediction

With Sway AI’s Market Demand Prediction application, enterprises are empowered to predict future customer and market demands more easily, which will enable retailers to better meet their customers’ needs.

Product Safety Evaluation

Sway AI’s Product Safety application evaluates customer feedback, online reviews, vendor comments, product liability claims, and other sources for product safety concerns and then provides context when a product is deemed unsafe.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Sway AI’s customer enhancing solutions transform the retail industry by making it easier for you to keep your customers happy. Through AI enabled sentiment analysis technology, Sway AI eases the burden of having to manually analyzing mountains of data to determine the sentiment of your customers.

Intelligent Product Searches

Sway AI’s intelligent product search solution can simplify product discovery and personalize a shopping experience for customers. Increase revenue and get rid of inventory surplus through the use of Sway AI’s advanced AI algorithms and low latency vector search engines.