Changing the Game

with 5G & AI


Together 5G and AI can become transformative for any organization.

While 5G allows organizations to benefit from its expansive bandwidth and remote computing power which allows for more data collection, our Sway AI solution can harness this data to generate business intelligence and increased payoffs.

No-Code 5G Applications

Network Optimization

Sway AI’s solution allows for interference estimation, dynamic cell reconfiguration, improved cell coverage and capacity and allows for network visualization without the need for labor-intensive featured engineering.

Self-Organizing Networks (SON)

Add Sway AI’s solution to your organizing networks in order to allow for self-configuration, self-optimization, and self-healing. These key ingredients will enable your need for a fully autonomous network to become a reality.

5G Network Slicing

One of the most important technologies in 5G. Sway AI’s network slicing technology enables the creation of multiple unique logical and virtualized networks over a common multi-domain infrastructure.

Predictive Maintenance

5G AI allows an organization to gather data from products for the purpose of predictive maintenance during production. Sway AI’s predictive maintenance AI is a great option for any organization trying to decrease costs while maximizing production.

Fraud Mitigation

Sway AI’s fraud mitigation solution uses ML to easily identify fluctuations in known fraud patterns. Our AI fraud detection models can adapt and create new rules for fraud detection, which in turn reduce the exposure to fraud and limits the window for monetary losses.

Cyber Security

Implement Sway AI’s technology to detect and prevent unknown and complex attacks that would not be detectable by a human alone.