Sway AI is now integrated with Snowflake

Build Predictive and Generative AI Rapidly with Sway AI on Snowflake

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Together, Sway AI and Snowflake have streamlined and accelerated the creation of AI/ML applications.

Sway AI’s No-code Predictive and Generative AI now harnesses the scale and power of Snowflake’s Data Cloud and Container Services.

  • Sway AI and Snowflake integrate their solutions to offer an AI development and deployment solution that is fundamentally easier and more secure.
  • Sway AI’s no-code visual platform seamlessly integrates with Snowflake’s Container Services and Data Cloud, enabling analysts and business stakeholders to effortlessly build and deploy AI-powered predictive and Generative AI models.
Financial and Retail AI use case with Snowflake and Sway AI.

Sway AI will soon be available as a Native Application on Snowflake.

  • This integration allows for the development of AI use cases directly on the platform where customer data is already housed.
  • Sway AI’s pre-built application templates expedite the creation of AI use cases. Enterprises can easily develop their own AI applications using the data already stored on the Snowflake platform.
  • Enterprises now have a comprehensive platform for data storage, AI/ML application development, and inference all in one integrated solution.

Bringing Enterprise Collaboration to AI: Maximizing the Value of Your Data

  • Sway AI offer enterprise collaboration for AI through a powerful end-to-end no-code platform with an intuitive interface and prebuilt workflows. This solution enables data analysts already familiar with Snowflake to leverage AI/ML applications without requiring deep expertise in data science.
  • The combined solution of Snowflake and Sway AI enables the development of a variety of AI/ML applications across numerous verticals with ease and rapidity.

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