Sway AI Success Stories

Our customers are making a step jump in innovation with Sway AI

Below are sample success stories where our enterprise customers have applied Sway AI applications to solve industry specific problems.

Automated Anomaly Detection

We are excited about our partnership with Sway AI enabling us to bring innovative AI applications to the Aviation Industry. Sway AI’s automated anomaly detection technology along with our LASERVISION imaging and laser projection functions, fully automates and enhances the quality assurance process, making our solution superior to manual inspections.

– Scott Blake, President

High-Definition (HD) images of Aviation components are taken in real-time as composite materials are constructed. Sway AI anomaly detection application detects any FOD or misalignments in real-time and notifies the Quality Control Engineer of the exact location of the concern.

Sentiment Analysis

Unified Office is proud to be enhancing its customers’ experiences by offering AI-enabled services through its partnership with Sway AI. Through Sway AI’s Platform, we have been able to quickly develop and deploy AI applications such as sentiment analysis. With this AI technology, we are able to leverage the real-time data collected from our enterprise customers and use this valuable data to improve the overall operational effectiveness of their businesses. Other examples of our AI offerings are the ability to show how a merchant’s store is performing, identify trends and patterns, and help them to solve problems as they are happening in real-time. Because of our commitment to our customers as well as the success of our partnership with Sway AI, we look forward to implementing many other AI use cases such as predictive maintenance, revenue prediction, and customer churn, to continually enhance our already impressive offerings.

– Ray Pasquale, CEO

Using Sway AI, enterprises can connect with their customers and measure their experience, over multiple channels. Using speech analytics, computer vision and natural language processing (NLP), companies like Unified Office are are able to measure their customer’s sentiment.

Edge AI Applications

Sway AI’s No-Code AI technology will help Veea unlock a new wave of innovation for our customers. We are looking forward to using Sway AI’s platform to rapidly prototype and experiment with numerous AI applications without the significant up-front investments and months-long development cycles that traditional AI often requires. Sway AI’s platform also optimizes models for our real-time low-latency performance needs, which will be critical to the success of our edge AI applications. Through our partnership with Sway AI, we will be able to enhance the edge computing solutions Veea offers without significant additional investments at the network edge to many industries such as Smart Building, Smart Campus, Smart Port, Smart Retail, Smart Construction, Smart Precision farming, and many more verticals as well as private 5G networks. Applying AI to the retail industry will enable shoppers to get a personalized experience through AI-enabled smart  shopping carts. In the agriculture sector, we now offer AI-enabled Veea devices to forecast and optimize crop yields. In private 5G networks, AI-enabled edge and 5G devices are poised to transform many vertical markets, improving how we all live and work. We are proud to be at the forefront of the next chapter of AI-driven innovation as partners of Sway AI.

– Allen Salmasi, CEO & Chairman

In partnership with Sway AI, the Veea Edge Platform delivers AI applications, edge compute and connectivity across various industries.

Precision Farming

Most farmers rely on two things – their head and their gut.   Today’s growers typically have multiple applications residing on their cell phones, tablets or the device itself. What they need a way to turn those various information sets into actionable data to assist in the management of their operations.  To simplify and make efficient use of these various data sources we are partnering with Sway AI and Veea, to deliver a complete communications solution for farmers.  Sway AI’s precision agriculture AI capabilities along with Veea’s edge technology integrate seamlessly into Trilogy’s FarmGrid™ agriculture digital platform.   Utilizing the data that comes from a variety of sources; sensors, drones, weather stations etc., along with historical data to augment decision making with wholistic insights allowing the farmer to make better decisions.  This is the power of knowledge – this is precision farming – this is FarmGrid™.

– Nancy Shemwell, Chief Operating Officer, Trilogy Networks, Inc.

The partnership between Trilogy Networks, Veea and Sway AI allows for the delivery of an AI-powered precision farming application.