A detailed looking into the vision that became Sway AI. A fundamentally new approach to AI

Three successful entrepreneurs Amir Atai, Jitender Arora, and Hassan Ahmed came together in October 2019 with a few things in common — a dream to solve a real-world problem, a desire to be an industry disruptor, and motivation fueled by naysayers. This is where Sway AI was born.

They knew what problem they wanted to solve, the challenge of, while AI has the potential to vastly transform entire industries, studies consistently show that 85% of AI projects are expected to fail. They knew if they wanted to tackle this issue, they would need to make a change within the industry, and not just a small change but a significant one and come to the market with a fundamentally new approach.

Previous successes

They have had success with such endeavors before, for instance, they had applied this thinking to the telecommunications industry. During a time when voice telephone calls were circuit-switched, they recognized that voice should be treated as data and carried over IP networks. While most people at the time were skeptical that voice-over IP was possible, Amir and Hassan were helping to pioneer voice-over IP technology. This has now become the dominant way of making voice calls, and presently, the only way voice calls are possible on 5G networks. They have experienced other similar successes when they helped re-architect how mobile packet core systems were built using virtualization and cloud software technology. While many thought of this as unrealistic, the virtualized mobile packet cores now all run directly on clouds like Amazon or Microsoft Azure. Furthermore, they were part of the team responsible for disrupting the way wireless bases stations were built. They took the old way of purpose-built and proprietary systems and proposed a new way, which was built on commercially available chips and servers and embraced the open RAN concept. This has now become the new industry trend.

How they vowed to change AI for the better

When Sway AI was born there was a single focus in mind; to make AI/ML accessible to all enterprises and users. They knew in order to achieve this mission they would have to re-architect and re-imagine the entire process of building AI applications from start to finish. The team got to work designing an overall architecture that would automate the majority of the AI/ML tasks for building AI models. Their architecture was comprehensive and developed to capture the importance of data collection, preparation, and labeling. “We knew these steps are very important and require some domain expertise. Hence, we built a modular approach in the architecture to handle these steps. We also understood that data privacy is very significant to enterprise customers, so we built a multi-tenant architecture with strong security to protect customer data,” stated Amir Atai, CEO & Co-Founder. While initial steps to build a model are critical, there is an equal number of complicated tasks that are required to deploy, monitor, and optimize the model once it is built. Therefore, they set out to capture the equally important MLOps steps as well, in order to offer enterprises access to a complete end-to-end solution where a project can go quickly from an idea to a prototype, to testing, and to deployment.

Where Sway AI’s technology is today

Fast forward, two years Amir, Jitender, and Hassan along with a team of experienced AI experts have built this end-to-end no-code architecture that can be used by all enterprises with and without data science teams. Through its patent-pending technology, Sway AI enables any user to build AI without writing code. They believe this new approach for building AI applications will accelerate AI adoption in all enterprises. The team expects the market will be happy to say goodbye to the antiquated ways of building AI, which requires complicated coding, along with scarce resources such as data scientists, and welcome the new way of approaching AI, which is much more efficient and fun. Not to mention, it is expected to be much more successful as it yields results much faster, saves money, and allows for collaboration among all stakeholders in an enterprise. Sway AI believes that with its technological advantages and the platform’s embedded automation, most AI projects will now succeed and prove to be of great business value for all enterprises.

While validation of several forms of data types such as voice, imagery, and text has already occurred, the team continues to add to their impressive list of AI domains. Sway AI is also dedicated to continual improvement which is shown through their work with their initial customers where they incorporate valuable feedback into their technology to ensure there will be easy adoption of the platform amongst enterprises of all sizes. If you are interested in learning more about or becoming a partner of Sway AI’s, reach out directly to info@sway-ai.com.