Human-Powered AI

We help businesses like yours transform their existing data teams into AI-powered data teams, enabling you to unlock the full potential of your data

You bring the data team.

We bring the AI platform.

Together we drive your business.

Sway AI’s intuitive development platform accelerates enterprise-wide adoption of AI by empowering your existing data and business experts to visually build ML models without needing to be formally trained in data science.

Enterprises are now able to build and deploy AI applications that range from classification, forecasting, to computer vision and natural language processing (NLP) without the need for scarce software engineers, data engineers, and data scientists.

Our state-of-the-art workflow engine enables anyone within the organization to lead their own AI projects in order to quickly generate accurate insights and predictions.

Curious? Want to see the Sway Al in action?

Equivalent to a Team of Data Scientists Working for You

Built-In Expertise Saving You Time and Money

No more time wasted learning coding or spending months building an AI workflow that doesn’t get deployed. Traditional methods tend to be very costly, often fail, and if successful, usually require many years to realize an economic return.

With Sway AI, an intuitive and accessible interface guides a user through the development of an AI workflow while behind the scenes our no-code orchestration engine is automating the entire development and deployment process.

Automation of Complete
AI Workflows

No-Code AI Platform

  • Sway AI’s drag-and-drop No-Code Platform automates the majority of tedious AI/ML tasks for enterprises.
  • Built-in expertise allows enterprises with or without in-house technical experts to create, test and deploy AI applications in hours not months.
  • Using the Sway AI Platform means best-in-class AI functionality and models. You will be insulated from a complex and ever-changing ecosystem by providing pre-integrated best-in-class tools, partners, and models.
  • Just log on, select, configure, and deploy.

“Sway AI’s anomaly detection technology combined with our LASERVISION imaging and laser projection capability, fully automates the quality assurance process, making it superior to manual inspections.”

We are excited about our partnership with Sway AI enabling us to bring innovative AI applications to the Aviation Industry.

Scott Blake
President, Aligned Vision