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Sway AI helps organizations of all sizes quickly adopt AI with customizable solutions and a no-code environment that empowers technical and business teams to create the future together with AI.

Key Partners

Building Strong Collaborations for Success

Time Series Forecasting

Accurate and Timely Forecasting

Discover the power of AI forecasting to use more data and new techniques to increase forecast accuracy, scalability, and agility.

Generative AI

Streamline Document Processing

Process and summarize documents faster and more accurately than you ever thought possible with AI-powered automation.

Predictive Analytics

Grow Your Customers

Harness the power of AI to cross-sell and upsell existing customers, stop attrition, and find new customers.

AI Applications

Drive What-if Analysis

Explore scenarios and predict potential impacts with What-if Analysis.

Drive AI Success

Empower Your Teams & Unleash Data Insights

Go beyond spreadsheets & unlock the power of your data. Effortlessly transform your data into actionable insights and supercharge your forecasts with Sway AI.