Enablement of Widespread Access to AI and ML With Sway AI

For the New Generation of AI builders

True change happens when every person in an organization has data analysis and machine learning at their fingertips.

Thats where we come in.

Sway AI makes your data solutions simple and transparent.

We think that a company’s future success depends on the enablement of widespread access to AI and ML. That’s why we founded Sway AI—to let you quickly and easily access all the benefits AI has to offer.

When it comes to machine learning, we’re working hard to level the playing field. So, don’t be surprised by the simplicity of our platform. While we designed it to be easily used by everyone not traditionally trained in data science, Sway AI’s AI/ML platform can produce extraordinary results.

Sway Capabilities

Define the problem you want to solve. Sway AI can handle the rest.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are no longer mysterious thanks to Sway AI. Whether you’re optimizing inventory, projecting sales, or analyzing customer service calls, our platform can assist your business in completing jobs more quickly, getting better results, and streamlining processes.

In collaboration with your organizations, we work to transform your business by altering the way you see and use machine learning. Without writing a single line of code or having AI expertise, we empower your existing data team to take a new and visual approach to generating AI-powered applications using Sway AI’s user-friendly interface.

Sway’s platform is designed to support both technical and business personas and foster collaboration among them. It generates AI models that can be at the center of business applications. It also delivers insights from these models in easily consumable dashboards. 

Users with technical expertise (builders) can be led through the process of generating their own AI and ML solutions through simple, intuitive descriptions of a broad class of data topics. These models can then be saved in your organization’s own library of fully developed, pre-built use cases, ready to be used across the business.

At Sway AI we don’t push your data scientists out, we just invite everyone else in. So, if you have technical AI experts, they can also contribute to the workflow development process by adding their own custom models into the platform or fine-tuning your builders’ AI models to improve the accuracy and quality of their outputs.

Sway AI’s automation platform was developed to integrate seamlessly with data collection, analysis, and insight, decision-making, and process improvements across the whole organization.

How Sway Works with You

We’re here to walk alongside you as your business becomes AI-driven.

We know that the first few steps in a journey to adopt new technology can be pretty daunting. Our goal at Sway AI is to make onboarding and startup a secure and fun experience for our partners.

We provide the training so that everyone in your organization has the necessary knowledge and tools to use Sway AI to solve their business problems and data needs. We then partner with you as you complete your first projects using Sway AI’s technology.

Once your team gains confidence and proficiency with Sway AI, they’ll soar independently, unlocking valuable insights and deriving continuous value from your data. Our goal is to enable your organization to be self-sufficient in using AI, empowering your teams to make data-driven decisions and drive transformative outcomes every day.

About our CEO and Co-Founder

“When I look back, I realize how ironic it is that I ended up at Stanford, where so much entrepreneurship has taken place. So many companies have grown out of Stanford, and yet I really had no knowledge or interest in anything related to business.” Hassan Ahmed, the founder of Sway AI, recalled his early career by saying, “All I cared about was the math and the engineering.”

Since he can remember, Ahmed has always been fascinated with technology. From tinkering with radios and building airplanes as a child to changing the way the world’s telephone networks are constructed and pioneering the technology upon which 5G mobile networks are built today, Ahmed’s life and career have been centered around revolutionizing the way things are done.

With a dedication to making an impact and creating broad, sweeping, leading-edge change, entrepreneurship naturally became woven throughout Ahmed’s career. After successfully founding or leading four companies, all of which have a hand in revolutionizing global technology, Ahmed is looking forward to Sway AI transforming how AI is implemented in corporate America.

“We started Sway with a very ambitious mission to bring the ability to use machine learning to everyone in an organization,” said Ahmed. “Now, Sway is transforming data insights for companies around the country, allowing them to become more insightful, more agile, and, best of all, more competitive. Given that healthy competition breeds innovation, I am excited to see what the next decade brings us.”