Accelerating Innovation With Sway AI

The Future of AI is Here

Sway AI is a venture-backed start-up in the Boston area. It was founded by proven entrepreneurs who have built several successful companies. Enterprise AI is a trillion-dollar business, however, 85% of AI projects are expected to fail. There are still high barriers to entry that make it hard for enterprises to use AI without large data science teams and multi-million-dollar budgets. Sway AI believes that “there’s a better way to do AI” by helping enterprises build without expensive upfront investments in AI tools or skill sets. Through its patent-pending technology, Sway AI’s No-Code Visual Platform aids organizations in eliminating their AI development bottleneck and gives the power of AI implementation directly to the analysts, domain experts, and BI professionals who need it. The user friendly interface enables any business user to build, deploy, and monitor AI-powered tools without writing a single line of code. Sway AI’s technology is also used by data scientists and AI experts and empowers them to collaborate with stakeholders and build prototypes faster, dramatically reducing their time-to-deployment.