Witness the Difference with Industry 4.0 AI

Enterprises are now entering the fourth industrial revolution through the development of smart factories.

Join the movement through the use of Sway AI’s no-code visual platform to revolutionize the way you manufacture, improve and distribute your products.

No-Code Industry 4.0 Applications

Automated Anomaly Detection

Replacing traditional manual inspections with AI-driven visual insights reduces engineering and manufacturing errors, saving both time and money.

Predictive Analytics

Sway AI’s no-code solution leverages the data generated before, during, and after the production process to derive highly accurate insights into product quality or predictions about future product failures.

Predictive Maintenance

Sway AI’s no-code solution for predictive maintenance uses data from the production line to anticipate when manufacturing equipment is likely to fail, and then alerts its users to intervene to repair or replace the equipment before that happens.