Your Existing Teams are Capable,
They just Need the Right AI Platform

Empowering existing teams to do more with AI

Building an AI application can produce exceptional results, but it traditionally requires significant technical expertise, in addition to, being time-consuming and costly.

Here at Sway AI our no-code platform does the technical work for you!

Our no-code platform allows customers to build AI workflows with ease while empowering its users to rapidly experiment, develop, and deploy advanced enterprise AI applications without the need for coding expertise. Sway AI’s platform also fosters collaboration between your business users and technical experts across various teams within your enterprise to build and deploy a custom AI solution that will meet your specific needs.

Curious? Want to see the Sway Al in action?

How Sway AI Benefits Your Enterprise

With built-in expertise Sway AI reduces the need for scarce technical resources.

What Makes The Sway AI Platform Unparalleled

Drag & Drop Technology

  • Intuitive user interface
  • No coding required
  • Built-in expertise
  • Ease-of-Use

Best-in-Class Models

  • Automatically updates models
  • Pick and test different models prior to deployment

User Collaboration

  • Business User and Technical User work together to build AI workflows
  • Rapid experimentation and deployment

Business Logic

  • The user defines the flexible business logic
  • Automatically acts based on AI predictions

Open Architecture

  • Leveraging open-source AI models
  • Allows customers to utilize their own models
  • Integration with best-in-class vendors
  • Utilization of research-based communities


  • Platform agnostic
  • Freedom
  • Reduced costs