Fueling Smart Enterprises through Edge AI

Execute optimized AI applications at the edge for superior latency performance and bandwidth efficiency.

Enterprises are now utilizing IoT, sensors and connected devices which are generating unprecidented volumes of data. Because of this, low latency, bandwidth efficiency and security are becoming increasingly paramount. Sway AI’s Edge AI applications can tackle challenges while creating new opportunities for small and large enterprises alike.

No-Code Edge AI Solutions

Real-Time Analytics

Sway AI’s Edge Solution allows for real-time analytics through NLP, location intelligence, machine vision, and video analytics.

Industrial IoT

Sway AI’s Industrial IoT Edge Technology allows for swift solutions such as Automated Anomaly Detection. Automated Anomaly Detection replaces traditional manual inspections with AI-driven visual insights reduces engineering and manufacturing errors, saving both time and money.

Security and Monitoring

Sway AI’s Edge Solution allows for machine learning-enabled smart cameras to locally capture and process images to track and detect suspicious activity directly on the edge with no need for a cloud server.

Autonomous Vehicles

Sway AI’s Autonomous Edge Solution allows for an autonomous vehicle to immediately process data such as recognizing vehicles, traffic signs, and pedestrians, in order to operate safely on the road.